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Metcom Studios is a creative marketing and brand execution company that helps grow companies by unleashing the power of story.
Audio, video, animation, documonials, branding, identity and web design.

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The Power of the Documonial

The Most powerful selling tools are truth and authenticity.

Documonials capture unguarded glimpses of real life.


When people talk about things they truly care about, their sincerity and passion transcend judgment. It’s their own authentic experience, so you accept — rather than filter or doubt — what they say. The emotion transfers to the audience. This unique genre is perfect for word-of-mouth marketers in the age of social media. And tailor made for products or services that have the potential to change people’s lives.


Everyone likes a good story


The ConEX strategy is to leverage the already-spent investment you’ve made at your event, and take advantage of the social media conduit that naturally exists between your ATTENDEES and their team members who ALMOST came …but didn’t.

The Process


It’s not a math problem.  It’s a story problem.

If you want your audience to behave differently — they need to believe differently.

Sounds simple, right? Well, simple, but not always easy.

We have successfully used our “XYZ” process to craft stories for hundreds of clients all over the world — stories that their audiences continue to tell. Our writers, artists, editors and engineers know how to create powerful, emotional moments — moments that connect your audience to you and your message. No matter the story problem, there is always an “XYZ” solution.

We can help you reach your objective by motivating a new behavior with a new belief.

We are expert at motivating belief through the power of story.

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